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Introduction to Persian carpets [Copy this link to quote]

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The Persian carpet is considered one of the oldest and most authentic carpets in the world, which has its own variety. All carpets that are woven under the name of Persian carpets have a variety of designs and fibers that cause variety. The value of the Persian carpet has led to its high demand worldwide, which has exploited many of the beneficiaries. Currently, many carpets are sold worldwide under the name of Persian Carpets, although none of them have the original quality of the Persian carpet. Therefore, it is essential to get acquainted with different types of Persian carpets if you are going to buy one!

What are the types of Persian carpets?1. Sheykh Safi Carpet
Sheykh Safi or Ardebil Carpet is one of the most famous Persian carpets in the world that has been sampled so far. This carpet is considered one of the oldest Persian carpets since it is considered one of the four remaining rugs from the Safavid era. It is interesting to know that the texture of this carpet dates back to the 13th year of Shah Tahmasb’s reign, which was used to seize the tomb of Sheykh Safi Ardebil. One of the interesting things about this carpet is the inscription on top of it with a poem by Hafiz. Unfortunately, these pair and two-carpet rug was bought in 1982 by a foreign company named Ziegler and moved to the Victoria and Albert Museums in London and the Conti Museum in Los Angeles.

Shirikipich is a special kind of rug that you can find it easily in Sirjan, especially in Darestan Village of Sirjan. In past times, Shirikipich was only a rug, but nowadays it is a combination of rug and carpet. Shirikipich or Gelimpich is defined as “multiple people weaving a rug”. A better and more technical definition will be “braiding a superfine colored thing called Khase around a yarn”, which is a unique specificity of Shirikipich rugs and you cannot find it in other rugs in Iran. In other types of rugs, weft has an important role in formation of the product, but in Shirikipich, weft has no role in texture of the rug and the thing that adheres strains to each other is the Khase. Weft is hidden in Shirikipich and you cannot see any weft on it. Another trait that you can only find it in this type of rug is its method of woven. They weave this rug with knot, so-called double-knot woven. They weave other rugs with a method called one-knot woven. Therefore, there are obvious differences between this rug and other types of rugs.

Kerman Carpet is another type of Persian carpet whose origin goes back to Kerman city. One of the main reasons for the worldwide reputation of Kerman’s exquisite carpets is its unique design and color. The design and color of the exquisite carpets of Kerman is one of the most beautiful and most detailed designs in the world. Although the carpet designs are considered to be one of the oldest designs of Persian carpets, no designers of these rugs are available. However, some of the old manufacturers of Kerman carpets are: Dilghani, Sultan Ghali Kerman, Rashid Farrokhi brothers, and Azhdari brothers.


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