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cheap Wedge Wire Screen [Copy this link to quote]

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Post time: 2019-08-18 14:01:34
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Stainless-steel wedge-wire welded screen meshes/panels
Stainless steel wire-welded screen meshes are fine metal net-form structural component for screening and filtration, and are widely used in screening, dewatering and filtration in various industries. They have the advantage of high strength, rigidity and carrying capability, and can be made into rigid screening and filtrating devices of different shapes. The screen cut size and welding process are computer controlled, and therefore, high precision welded screen meshes and filter tubes can be manufactured, with the mininum wire width as narrow as 1mm and the minimum aperature as small as 0.05m, beijing able to meet the technical requirements for fine filtration of various industrial sectors.
The independent developed various DC screen mesh welding machines for which the company has proprietary intellectual property rights are capable of welding screen drums with diameters of φ30~1000mm and a maximum length of 6000mm, and making integral welding of external filtration type tube(with the screen wire outside the drum) and internal filtration type tube(with the screen wire inside the drum)
The materials of the sieve-strips and supporting-strips are made from the advanced stainless steel according to user's requirement, such as:
The spec table of forms and dimensions for the sieve strip and supporting strip section:
Note: the forms and dimensions are designed and made according to the user’s requirement.
Base construction:
Type of filtration:cheap Wedge Wire Screen


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